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Im just a guy that desires to live life to my max ability. I really had no idea or any real instructions on what life is really about or how to move about in life. So the way it's been in my life,  i had to learn the long hard way how to be my own man and make money and then how to be a man to a woman. My life story is wild, I went down that rabbit hole in 2006 to 2018 learning all about the illuminati and the masons and all the religions, and the government, the banks.  I've sold drugs, pimped hoes, However i never kicked in no doors. Thank God. I must admit, I didnt get real knowledge of a man until i understood my relationship with GOD. This  started in 2012 with me cutting all flesh from my diet including all animal products.  it was a process but i was able to completely let go of all unnatural foods in about a year and a half. The more evolved mature part of my relationship started right after i was arrested in 2018. Right before the pandemic.  This is when i asked god to allow all the bs to stop and give me some real answers about me and my life. I've been learning this Game ever since. I even went to Harvard and got certified in contract law. I have learned so much in these last five years about what the position of a Man is in this world. The first position he has is to be the TRUTH. I have walked with many different hats in my life. So i have many things to write about. i got a lot of music that i have created from years ago, that i never put out.. and at this point im just going to release it all. some of it sucks, some of it is great. i really dont care what people think anymore. I write country songs, rock songs, rnb songs, rap songs whatever. I refuse to limit myself to someone else's frame of me. I always had the vision of taking my grind global. So teaming up with GMG EMPIRE was a no brainer. Thank ya'll for tuning in an vibing with us, with me.  I'm So grateful for this life and opportunity to share my energy with you mfs. I hope you get inspired to get up and get your bag. Find Love. Build a fam. Control some properties. Explore the World. Go on some adventures. It's All the way Up from here!  Stay inspired. Stay motivated. Get your Victory. Taste that Win. It's yours. That's it from me for now. Stop by the shop and Grab something. Get in the spirit and build your energy with ours, and take your grind global.


JAE TYRONE - Still Going Still Growing


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JAE TYRONE x Big Rylo a day at the bar

JAE TYRONE - Dominion

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